The following is a list of internet resources we have found to be useful and reliable. If you have any other recommendations please let us know.
  • Rutgers List of Plants by Deer-Resistance
    We have found this list to be the most reliable and comprehensive guide to deer-resistance
  • Missouri Botanical Gardens Plant Finder
    A great reference for plant information - trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, grasses, ferns, and
  • Crescent Garden Pots
    High-quality, weatherproof containers available for custom order in many styles and colors
  • Virginia Tech Lawn Guides
    A comprehensive set of publications on how to create and care for lawns in this
  • Virginia Native Plant Society
    Resources & plant descriptions on local native
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping, Chesapeake Bay Watershed
    Online version of this definitive guide to local native plants & their habitats