What We Do

Landscape Design Associates offers consultations, landscape design, installation support, and professional maintenance to homeowners and businesses in the Northern Virginia and DC area.
The designers at LDA have years of experience analysing and creating gardens. If you think your property would benefit from an expert eye, give us a call to set up an appointment. We can help with garden structure, plantings, maintenance, materials, and drainage issues, and we're happy to work with all sizes of landscapes, from townhouses to estates. To request a consultation please click here.
Landscape Design Associates offers professional landscape design for your property, large or small. Our designers are highly qualified and experienced, and pride themselves on being able to create beautiful, practical, sustainable designs which address our clients' needs. We are competent in several leading CAD programs and can produce sets of drawings ranging from simple planting layouts, to full master plans.
Installation Support
LDA does not perform any major landscape installations, but we can help you source plants and choose subcontractors. For years we have worked with local nurseries and contractors and can recommend installers appropriate for the size and scope of the work. We can help keep everything running smoothly right from the start, from obtaining competing bids, through to the final details.
Our number one request is for a low-maintenance landscape. As with the rest of your home, appropriate routine maintenance is the solution to having a property you can enjoy fully, and while there are various tips and tricks to reduce maintenance, the fact remains that any garden that looks good has been well-maintained. We can provide professional maintenance as needed on your property, and recommend others to help with aspects, such as lawn- and tree-care, outside our expertise.