Who We Are
Landscape Design Associates is a small, locally-owned business offering landscape design services in the DC metro area. Founded in 2004, Landscape Design Associates offers an opportunity for qualified independent landscape designers to work together, sharing knowledge & design ideas, and pooling resources such as plant sourcing and installation services.
Design Philosophy
We believe that a professional landscape design will enhance the use and enjoyment of any landscape. We believe that landscapes should support the local ecosystem: managing storm water; promoting healthy soil; and encouraging insects, birds, and other wildlife to share the environment. We believe a landscape should be sustainable through simple maintenance, with minimal need to regularly add or remove large quantities of materials. And we believe that a landscape should provide a natural, beautiful environment in which to restore our peace of mind and connection to the world.
Bumble Bee
  • Jo
    Joanne operated a local nursery, and has completed the graduate program in Landscape Design at George Washington University. Formerly an electronics & software engineer, she started her gardening career in the gentler climate of southern England. She is now passionate about helping DC-area residents make the most of their properties, while emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Katy
    Katy has a master’s degree in Landscape Design & Sustainability from George Washington University, having completed both the Landscape Design and Sustainable Design certificates. Katy’s first career was as an economist, but she is now committed to excellence in landscape design, specializing in native plants and sustainability.
  • Edye
    Edye has been an avid gardener and landscape planner for over 40 years. Moving to Virginia over 20 years ago after having lived in Arizona and the mountains of New Mexico most of her life, she completed the graduate program in Landscape Design at George Washington University and was an active Loudoun County Master Gardener/Tree Steward volunteer. Her special interests include incorporating more native plants and water-wise gardening.